Genevieve + Brian

Deerfield Beach Wedding

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What is there not to love about destination weddings especially when you’re coming down to beautiful, sunny, South Florida? It’s all fun and games until bad weather hits your way the day before your wedding! Let’s face it, a little cool never hurt someone, but rain? Nobody wants that! Fortunately, these guys had a clear blue sky and gorgeous turquoise waters on the best day of their lives! Genevieve and Brian had a beautiful destination wedding in our backyards of Deerfield Beach. The day could not have been more perfect! If you’re viewing this from out of town or if you’re one of our locals, travel with us through these images as they got ready, saw each other for the first time, said I do, and celebrated their big day! Check out some of our faves:


Deerfield Beach Wedding-001
Deerfield Beach Wedding-002
Deerfield Beach Wedding-003
Deerfield Beach Wedding-004
Deerfield Beach Wedding-005
Deerfield Beach Wedding-006
Deerfield Beach Wedding-007
Deerfield Beach Wedding-008
Deerfield Beach Wedding-009
Deerfield Beach Wedding-010
Deerfield Beach Wedding-011
Deerfield Beach Wedding-012
Deerfield Beach Wedding-013
Deerfield Beach Wedding-014
Deerfield Beach Wedding-015
Deerfield Beach Wedding-016
Deerfield Beach Wedding-017
Deerfield Beach Wedding-018
Deerfield Beach Wedding-019
Deerfield Beach Wedding-020
Deerfield Beach Wedding-021
Deerfield Beach Wedding-022
Deerfield Beach Wedding-023
Deerfield Beach Wedding-024
Deerfield Beach Wedding-025
Deerfield Beach Wedding-026
Deerfield Beach Wedding-027
Deerfield Beach Wedding-028
Deerfield Beach Wedding-029
Deerfield Beach Wedding-030
Deerfield Beach Wedding-031
Deerfield Beach Wedding-032
Deerfield Beach Wedding-033
Deerfield Beach Wedding-034
Deerfield Beach Wedding-035
Deerfield Beach Wedding-036
Deerfield Beach Wedding-037
Deerfield Beach Wedding-038
Deerfield Beach Wedding-039
Deerfield Beach Wedding-040
Deerfield Beach Wedding-041
Deerfield Beach Wedding-042
Deerfield Beach Wedding-043
Deerfield Beach Wedding-044
Deerfield Beach Wedding-045
Deerfield Beach Wedding-046
Deerfield Beach Wedding-047
Deerfield Beach Wedding-048
Deerfield Beach Wedding-049
Deerfield Beach Wedding-050
Deerfield Beach Wedding-051
Deerfield Beach Wedding-052
Deerfield Beach Wedding-053
Deerfield Beach Wedding-054
Deerfield Beach Wedding-055
Deerfield Beach Wedding-056

Natalie + Shawn

Long Key Nature Center Wedding

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This next blog is a very emotional one. Not only is it our FIRST wedding, FIRST post, but also our FIRST friends of 2016 to get married. You might remember Natalie and Shawn from their firefighter engagement session late last year. Well, their wedding was one word: fire! These guys looked amazing. They said their “I do’s” at the Long Key Nature Center and it all turned out so perfect. We caught some tear jerking moments, so get ready for this one! Congrats again guys, we love you and are so happy to have been part of your big day. Enjoy some of our favorite moments:

Long Key Nature Center Wedding-001
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-002
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-003
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-004
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-001-2
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-006
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-007
1Long Key Nature Center Wedding-008
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-009
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-010
1Long Key Nature Center Wedding-011
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-012
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-013
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-014
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-015
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-016
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-017
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-018
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-019
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-020
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-021
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-022
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-023
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-024
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-025
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-026
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-027
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-028
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-029
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-030
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-031
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-032
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-033
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-034
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-035
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-036
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-037
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-038
1Long Key Nature Center Wedding-039
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-040
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-041
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-042
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-043
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-044
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-045
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-046
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-047
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-048
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-049
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-050
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-051
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-052
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-053
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-054
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-055
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-056
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-057
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-058
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-059
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-060
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-061
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-062
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-063
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-064
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-065
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-066
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-067
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-068
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-069
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-070
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-071
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-072
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-073
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-074
Long Key Nature Center Wedding-075

Mary Jo + Michael

Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session

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These newly engaged, college sweethearts, are next on our blog! We had such an amazing time shooting Mary Jo and Michael’s e-session in Bill Baggs State Park. Au-naturel, and flawlessly beautiful, Mary Jo had an organic vibe and Michael seemed to be on sort of modeling career before, we think he lied to us since he actually never did. Between giggles and laughter, kisses and hugs, these guys rocked the session! Check out some of our favorites, enjoy:)

Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-001
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-002
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-003
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-004
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-005
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-006
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-007
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-008
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-009
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-010
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-011
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-012
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-013
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-014
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-015
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-016
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-017
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-018
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-019
1Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-020
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-021
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-022
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-023
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-024
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-025
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-026
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-027
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-028
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-029
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-030
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-031
Bill Baggs Cape Florida Engagement Session-032

Christina + Spencer

Casa Marina Key West

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We love destination weddings! This next wedding was just amazing! Christina and Spencer came all the way down to Key West for their fabulous wedding. It never rains in the keys but for some reason, it decided to this very day! Gloomy day and dramatic skies gave the final touches. As this beautiful bride was getting ready to walk down the aisle, the skies cleared and the rain went away! It was the perfect wedding scenery at the Casa Marina in Key West. After their “I Do’s” we really enjoyed taking pictures with them and the infamous sunset. These guys partied like rock stars and enjoyed their wedding to the fullest with all their family and friends that came down. See for yourselves some of the best shots from this awesome wedding. Congrats again guys on your big day, we love you!

6Casa Marina Key West Wedding-001
2Casa Marina Key West Wedding-002
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-003
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-004
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-005
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-006
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-007
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-008
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-009
1Casa Marina Key West Wedding-010
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-011
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-012
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-013
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-014
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-015
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-016
1Casa Marina Key West Wedding-017
1Casa Marina Key West Wedding-018
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-019
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-020
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-021
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-022
1Casa Marina Key West Wedding-023
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-024
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-025
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-026
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-027
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-028
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-029
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-030
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-031
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-032
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-033
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-034
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-035
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-036
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-037
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-038
1Casa Marina Key West Wedding-039
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-040
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-041
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-042
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-043
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-044
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-045
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-046
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-047
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-048
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-049
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-050
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-051
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-052
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-053
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-054
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-055
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-056
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-057
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-058
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-059
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-060
2Casa Marina Key West Wedding-061
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-062
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-063
Casa Marina Key West Wedding-064

Vanessa + Kevin

Country Wedding

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