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As you guys know, we love shooting a Vizcaya Engagement Session. With our Italian background, we love the European touch this place brings to our photography. Of course, it’s not all about the place but also our models were amazing and completely up for anything which makes our work so much easier and it truly shows in this Vizcaya Engagement Session.

Sara and Giovanni were such an inspiration to work with. Their love story is a prime example of love at first sight. The moment Giovanni saw her for the first time he knew she was the one. I mean, how many times can you really say that?

He’s so romantic that when he proposed to her, he couldn’t do anything else but take her off her feet, up in the clouds ::: literally ::: and did a helicopter proposal. So perfect right? You can really see how much of a compliment to each other you guys are. With the wedding date fast approaching we only wish you guys the best on these next few weeks and the last of the wedding planning. Sara, we know you will look gorgeous, Giovanni, I know you can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle. See you guys there!

Many of our dear engaged couples sometimes struggle with making a decision on an engagement location. Believe it or not, this can be a tough cookie! We are here to tell you that honestly if you go for a Vizcaya Engagement Session, you can’t go wrong. Vizcaya is such a beautiful place because it has a mix of so many different sceneries.

You can not only have the European look but also breathtaking water views and gardens that are designed to impress, as the owner of this Mansion, James Deering, designed them as a mini Champs D’Elysee. A little Italy, a little Paris, right in our Miami backyard. Bottom line if you’re still thinking about it: do a Vizcaya Engagement Session, it will rock!

Here are some of our favorites from this Vizcaya Engagement Session:


Pembroke Pines In-Home Personal Trainer

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We’ve been doing a series of commercial photo shoots for Justin Seedman @ JustinFit.com.  We’ve never ever come across such a talented visionary who carefully crafts a personal at-home training program to fit your needs.

Not only is JustinFit an amazing team and company, Justin has managed to create an outstanding brand that truly reflects his style and we have created some back-end scenes that portray his workout philosophy as well as a storyline on how easy it is to work out at home while enjoying the view of your backyard or simply working out inside the home for the rainy days!

I personally have been serviced by Justin and I can’t imagine having a better trainer setup! He is very patient, kind and most importantly creates a workout plan that is based on discipline and quoting from one of his cool videos, “” but he says “motivation is not what’s holding them back…motivation is good, but discipline is better” – Justin Seedman.

I can’t agree any more! Workout sessions are so important and most of the people quit along the way because they do feel motivation is lacking, but if they used this principle of discipline, with a good balanced nutrition and having an amazing coach like JustinFit.

We all need a coach in our life, a mentor, who can motivate us when it’s time to push our limits and challenge our grounds, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Justin.  I wish I would’ve met him when I got married 9 years ago! But the timing has never been more perfect.

Whether you are seeking for an in-home personal trainer for your pre-wedding workouts, photo sessions, or just to look and feel amazing, JustinFit is your go-to team.  Feel great, stay in awesome shape, and most importantly be healthy!

I can’t wait to continue working with this amazing 5-star coach, entrepreneur, brand ambassador and family man.  Let’s rock n’roll!

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“A conch can’t drown with water” – this is very true about the Keys! Despite the crazy Irma hurricane that recently hit our dear Keys, nothing could stop this destination wedding from happening in Key West.
Jamie and Alex and all 40 of their family and friends came all the way from Chicago for their beautiful wedding at the Pier House in Key West.
We had such an amazing time learning so much about these guys and how dedicated this Doctor and Dancer are with what they love. Nothing beats their dedication for their careers as much as their love for eachother does. We fell in love with their love story and their wedding day.
Check out some of the vendors we had the pleasure to work with and some of our favorite shots from this day. Congrats again guys on your marriage!
Getting ready location: Santa Maria Suites in Key West, FL
Transportation- Old Town Trolley

Jessica + Carlos

Long Key Nature Center Wedding

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This next, super awesome, FUN wedding, took place at the Long Key Nature Center in Davie, FL. So the day started off a little gloomy and it really seemed the rain was just going to take over Jessica and Carlos wedding. As we all know, you can’t really trust SoFlo when it comes to weather. I mean, one minute its cloudy, the next your sunbathing and next thing you know, there’s a hurricane! Yes, Florida can be a little crazy but thank goodness these guys missed Irma by a week! Obviously, sunshine took over and by took over I mean we sweated ourselves to death during the outdoor shots. Of course, this beautiful bride and groom looked flawless no matter what! We truly enjoyed shooting this beautiful wedding and absolutely loved the energy here. Jessica and Carlos, it was a pleasure working with your family and friends, they were a delight! Congrats again on your big day. By the way, none of this would’ve been possible without the lovely ladies at the Bombshell Makeover who took over the bride’s MUA and hair! Also, Brenda and the team from Posh Weddings & Events was just fantastic to be able to work with once again. Make sure to check them out. In the meantime, enjoy this little sneak peak:

Miami Maternity Session

Francia and Freddy

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Its not everyday you are having a baby and what a better way to treat yourself to a maternity session that reflects your true story and feelings about your upcoming little one.  Francis and Freddy are due at any moment! They wanted to have relaxed and fun beach maternity photos that would capture the love and excitement they have for little Matias and their last moments together alone.  These Miami Maternity Session images were taken at the beautiful private beach in Bal Harbour next to the amazing Ritz Carlton in Bal Harbour. Enjoy!