Cardiello Family

Matheson Hammock Park Family Portrait

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Our dear friends James and Keziah are expecting baby number TWO! You might remember the Cardiello’s from their family session last spring. Baby Angelo was just a baby and now he’s going to be a BIG brother. We’re so excited to be a part of this special occasion and to have been able to shoot your family-baby-maternity session all in one. Auguri guys! Enjoy some of our favorites from this shoot:

matheson hammock park family portrait-001
matheson hammock park family portrait-002
matheson hammock park family portrait-003
matheson hammock park family portrait-004
matheson hammock park family portrait-005
matheson hammock park family portrait-006
matheson hammock park family portrait-007
matheson hammock park family portrait-008
matheson hammock park family portrait-009
matheson hammock park family portrait-010
matheson hammock park family portrait-011
matheson hammock park family portrait-012
matheson hammock park family portrait-013
matheson hammock park family portrait-014
matheson hammock park family portrait-015
matheson hammock park family portrait-016
matheson hammock park family portrait-017
matheson hammock park family portrait-018
matheson hammock park family portrait-019
matheson hammock park family portrait-020
matheson hammock park family portrait-021
matheson hammock park family portrait-022
matheson hammock park family portrait-023
matheson hammock park family portrait-024
matheson hammock park family portrait-025
matheson hammock park family portrait-026
matheson hammock park family portrait-027
matheson hammock park family portrait-028
matheson hammock park family portrait-029
matheson hammock park family portrait-030
matheson hammock park family portrait-031
matheson hammock park family portrait-032
matheson hammock park family portrait-033
matheson hammock park family portrait-034
matheson hammock park family portrait-035
matheson hammock park family portrait-036
matheson hammock park family portrait-037
matheson hammock park family portrait-038
matheson hammock park family portrait-039
matheson hammock park family portrait-040
matheson hammock park family portrait-041
matheson hammock park family portrait-042
matheson hammock park family portrait-043
matheson hammock park family portrait-044
matheson hammock park family portrait-045
matheson hammock park family portrait-046

Visbal Family Session

Pompano Beach Family Portrait

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You might remember this lovely family from their Newborn session and Family Session we did a few months ago. Alvarito is now 1 year old! Can you believe how time flies by? He’s getting so big and way too cute! We shot the Visbal Family in the beaches of Pompano Beach. We ‘re so excited to have seen you guys once again! So happy to be sharing some of our favorites from this beautiful family session. Enjoy!

Pompano Beach Family Portrait-001
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-002
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-003
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-004
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-005
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-006
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-007
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-008
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-009
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-010
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-011
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-012
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-013
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-014
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-015
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-016
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-017
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-018
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-019
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-020
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-021
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-022
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-023
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-024
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-025
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-026
Pompano Beach Family Portrait-027

Kayla + Tony

Tamarac Community Center Wedding

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This next session is something a little different than the usual. We wanted to do something creative and fun, so we decided to play a little dress-up. And by dress-up I mean we literally turned our photographer into a model. Ale says she has no modeling skills, but we think she was just holding it in. With the collaboration of two amazing artists, Joseline and Yolanda, we were able to rock this warrior princess look. Yolanda’s artistic skills were beyond amazing as she nailed the whole look with her MUA talents. Joseline finalized the look with her hair styling techniques to make this princess into a queen, with her incredible braiding skills and lots of creativity. What an honor to work with these talented ladies! Check out some of our favorite shots from this editorial-isque session: Warrior Princess interpretation, by Tica.

Warrior Princess-001
Warrior Princess-002
Warrior Princess-003
Warrior Princess-004
Warrior Princess-005
Warrior Princess-006
Warrior Princess-007
Warrior Princess-008
Warrior Princess-009
Warrior Princess-010
Warrior Princess-011
Warrior Princess-012
Warrior Princess-013
Warrior Princess-014
Warrior Princess-015
Warrior Princess-016
Warrior Princess-017
Warrior Princess-018
Warrior Princess-019
Warrior Princess-020
Warrior Princess-021
Warrior Princess-022

Melissa + Elias

Miami Seaquarium Wedding

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This next post is very dear to us as it’s our very own friends that tied the knot! We’ve known Melissa and her family for many years and we’ve seen her grow up to be this gorgeous bride and get married. Elias came into the picture a little later, but it didn’t take us too long to get to know him and love him just as much. Melissa and Elias aka, “Melias”, are just perfect for each other. They celebrated their big day with close family and friends at the Miami Seaquarium, where they said their “I do’s”. As a little surprise for their guests, we got to see an amazing dolphin show and get really close to these guys…by close, I mean, up-close-and-personal, close. They literally splashed water and soaked us. Don’t worry guys, the cameras were ok, at the end that’s all that matters LOL! Join us through these pictures and relive this very special day. Congrats again Melissa and Elias, we love you guys! Don’t forget to share #melias2016

Miami Seaquarium Wedding-001
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-002
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-003
2Miami Seaquarium Wedding-004
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-005
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-006
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-007
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-008
2Miami Seaquarium Wedding-009
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-010
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-011
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-012
1Miami Seaquarium Wedding-013
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-014
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-015
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-016
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-017
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-018
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-019
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-020
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-021
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-022
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-023
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-024
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-025
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-026
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-027
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-028
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-029
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-030
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-031
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-032
2Miami Seaquarium Wedding-033
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-034
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-035
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-036
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-037
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-038
2Miami Seaquarium Wedding-039
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-040
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-041
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-042
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-043
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-044
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-045
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-046
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-047
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-048
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-049
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-050
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-051
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-052
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-053
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-054
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-055
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-056
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-057
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-058
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-059
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-060
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-061
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-062
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-063
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-064
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-065
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-066
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-067
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-068
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-069
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-070
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-071
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-072
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-073
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-074
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-075
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-076
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-077
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-078
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-079
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-080
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-081
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-082
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-083
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-084
1Miami Seaquarium Wedding-085
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-086
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-087
Miami Seaquarium Wedding-088