Jocelin + Gabriel

Brickell Bay Engagement

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This e-session was tons of fun. Florida tried to give us a hard time with a few drops, despite the rain, we made it work! Jocelin and Gabriel chose the awesome Brickell Bay Marina for their engagement session. Gabriel had to travel all the way from Key Largo for this, but then again, he’s been traveling every weekend since he was 16 to see his beautiful girlfriend that is now his fiancĂ©. They’ll be getting married this October! We wish you guys the very best. Enjoy some of our favorites:

1Brickell Bay Engagement-001
Brickell Bay Engagement-002
2Brickell Bay Engagement-003
1Brickell Bay Engagement-004
Brickell Bay Engagement-005
Brickell Bay Engagement-006
Brickell Bay Engagement-007
1Brickell Bay Engagement-008
1Brickell Bay Engagement-009
1Brickell Bay Engagement-010
Brickell Bay Engagement-011
Brickell Bay Engagement-012
Brickell Bay Engagement-013
1Brickell Bay Engagement-014
Brickell Bay Engagement-015
Brickell Bay Engagement-016
1Brickell Bay Engagement-017
Brickell Bay Engagement-018
Brickell Bay Engagement-019
Brickell Bay Engagement-020
1Brickell Bay Engagement-021

Christa + Danny

Tree Tops Park Maternity Session

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These guys right here, Christa and Danny, we’ve known for years. By years, we mean about a decade and a half! We grew up together as friends, the next thing you know, they started dating. After many years of marriage, here they are…having their first baby boy: Zachary! We enjoyed so much shooting these two at the Tree Tops park on their maternity session. Christa is such a beautiful mommy to be! Enjoy some of our favorites from this awesome couple. We love you guys, congrats again on your little one!

1Park Maternity Session-001
Park Maternity Session-002
Park Maternity Session-003
Park Maternity Session-004
Park Maternity Session-005
Park Maternity Session-006
2Park Maternity Session-007
Park Maternity Session-008
Park Maternity Session-009
Park Maternity Session-010
Park Maternity Session-011
Park Maternity Session-012
Park Maternity Session-013
Park Maternity Session-014
Park Maternity Session-015
Park Maternity Session-016
2Park Maternity Session-017
2Park Maternity Session-018
1Park Maternity Session-019
2Park Maternity Session-020
Park Maternity Session-021
1Park Maternity Session-022
1Park Maternity Session-023
1Park Maternity Session-024

Cinndy + Eric

Matheson Hammock Park Engagement

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This next e-session was something totally out the box. You could also say, straight out the book. Which book? Well nothing more and nothing less than the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Cinndy and Eric did their fantastic e session at the Madison Hammock Park. She has a big obsession with foxes and he works at a bookstore. Perfect combo! Check out some of our favorites from this fantastic engagement session:

matheson hammock park engagement session-001
matheson hammock park engagement session-002
2matheson hammock park engagement session-003
matheson hammock park engagement session-004
matheson hammock park engagement session-005
matheson hammock park engagement session-006
matheson hammock park engagement session-007
matheson hammock park engagement session-008
2matheson hammock park engagement session-009
matheson hammock park engagement session-010
matheson hammock park engagement session-011
matheson hammock park engagement session-012
matheson hammock park engagement session-013
matheson hammock park engagement session-014
matheson hammock park engagement session-015
matheson hammock park engagement session-016
2matheson hammock park engagement session-017
matheson hammock park engagement session-018

Kelly +Kurt

Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session

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This next couple was lots of fun. Can you guess a little bit about this e-session? Well, does Tarzan and Jane ring a bell? Yes, totally! We had so much fun with Kelly and Kurt having them climb trees and do all kinds of crazy things. They were up for it all! Check out some of our favorite shots at their Bill Baggs State Park engagement session. Congrats again guys can’t wait to shoot your wedding!

Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-001
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-002
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-003
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-004
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-005
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-006
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-007
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-008
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-009
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-010
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-011
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-012
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-013
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-014
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-015
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-016
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-017
Bill Baggs State Park Engagement Session-018


Lauren + Rob

Key Largo Wedding

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