Rosie + Odie

Shane Center Wedding

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We had such an awesome time shooting Rosie and Odie’s wedding. You might remember them from their engagement session in the Summer. Rosie and Odie got ready at the Fountainbleau in Miami. They just couldn’t wait to see each other for the first time, so they had to do their first look before their ceremony took place. What a beautiful moment it was! Odie just couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride. Despite the crazy weather, their outdoor ceremony overlooking the water at the Shane Center was just beautiful! Rosie changed in to a gorgeous sexy dress to get her party on during hora loca. Check out some of our favorites from this awesome wedding!


Shane Center Wedding-001
1Shane Center Wedding-002
Shane Center Wedding-003
Shane Center Wedding-004
1Shane Center Wedding-005
Shane Center Wedding-006
Shane Center Wedding-007
Shane Center Wedding-008
Shane Center Wedding-009
Shane Center Wedding-010
Shane Center Wedding-011
Shane Center Wedding-012
Shane Center Wedding-013
Shane Center Wedding-014
Shane Center Wedding-015
Shane Center Wedding-016
Shane Center Wedding-017
Shane Center Wedding-018
Shane Center Wedding-019
Shane Center Wedding-020
Shane Center Wedding-021
Shane Center Wedding-022
Shane Center Wedding-023
Shane Center Wedding-024
Shane Center Wedding-025
Shane Center Wedding-026
Shane Center Wedding-027
Shane Center Wedding-028
Shane Center Wedding-029
Shane Center Wedding-030
Shane Center Wedding-031
Shane Center Wedding-032
Shane Center Wedding-033
Shane Center Wedding-034
1Shane Center Wedding-035
Shane Center Wedding-036
Shane Center Wedding-037
Shane Center Wedding-038
Shane Center Wedding-039
Shane Center Wedding-040
Shane Center Wedding-041
Shane Center Wedding-042
Shane Center Wedding-043
1Shane Center Wedding-044
Shane Center Wedding-045
Shane Center Wedding-046
Shane Center Wedding-047
Shane Center Wedding-048
Shane Center Wedding-049
Shane Center Wedding-050
Shane Center Wedding-051
Shane Center Wedding-052
Shane Center Wedding-053
1Shane Center Wedding-054
1Shane Center Wedding-055
Shane Center Wedding-056
Shane Center Wedding-057
Shane Center Wedding-058




Jeanine + Joe

Airplane Engagement Session

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Here’s a little throwback to the 50′s, if you love suspenders and red lip stick you’re going to absolutely love this session! Jeanine and Joe are airplane lovers, hence the super cool airplane. Getting this bad boy wasn’t easy but thanks to Joe’s persistence it happened! We had an amazing time doing this throwback airplane session, we hope you guys enjoy some of our faves:

1Airplane Engagement Session-001
1Airplane Engagement Session-002
2Airplane Engagement Session-003
1Airplane Engagement Session-004
1Airplane Engagement Session-005
1Airplane Engagement Session-006
2Airplane Engagement Session-007
3Airplane Engagement Session-008
Airplane Engagement Session-009
Airplane Engagement Session-010
Airplane Engagement Session-011
1Airplane Engagement Session-012
2Airplane Engagement Session-013
Airplane Engagement Session-014
Airplane Engagement Session-015
Airplane Engagement Session-016
Airplane Engagement Session-017
1Airplane Engagement Session-018
Airplane Engagement Session-019
Airplane Engagement Session-020
Airplane Engagement Session-021
1Airplane Engagement Session-022
Airplane Engagement Session-023
Airplane Engagement Session-024
Airplane Engagement Session-025
1Airplane Engagement Session-026
Airplane Engagement Session-027
Airplane Engagement Session-028
1Airplane Engagement Session-029
Airplane Engagement Session-030
Airplane Engagement Session-031
1Airplane Engagement Session-032
Airplane Engagement Session-033
Airplane Engagement Session-034
Airplane Engagement Session-035
1Airplane Engagement Session-036
1Airplane Engagement Session-037
Airplane Engagement Session-038
Airplane Engagement Session-039
Airplane Engagement Session-040

Protected: Jessica + Angus

Kampong Gardens Wedding

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Shauna + Dwayne

Bal Harbour Portrait Session

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Today, we had an awesome time going back to our old backyard in the Bal Harbour beaches. Even though this was an engagement session, Shauna and Dwayne brought their little one along: Jordan. What a fun, refreshing session this was! Shauna and Dwayne’s chemistry was awesome, getting them to smile was effortless. We got photo bombed by a Pelican, but I guess that was ok;)These two will be having a destination wedding in 2015, we wish you guys the very best! In the meantime, enjoy some of our faves from this day:

Bal Harbour Portrait Session-001
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-002
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-003
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-004
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-005
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-006
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-007
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-008
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-009
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-010
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-011
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-012
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-013
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-014
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-015
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-016
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-017
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-018
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-019
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-020
1Bal Harbour Portrait Session-021
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-022
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-023
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-024
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-025
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-026
Bal Harbour Portrait Session-027

Estefania + Sergio

Paramount Bay Wedding

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You might remember Estefania and Sergio from their engagement session this past Spring. This lovely bride got ready for her big day at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne. After their beautiful ceremony, their reception took place at the Paramount Bay in Miami. Estefania looked great in all three wedding dresses, yes, THREE! She definitely beat the record, and all three of them were truly gorgeous. What a lovely surprise for her groom. This wedding was truly different and one of a kind. Enjoy some of the best shots of that day by our amazing photographer: Lana. Congrats again you two!

Paramount Bay Wedding-001
Paramount Bay Wedding-002
Paramount Bay Wedding-003
Paramount Bay Wedding-004
1Paramount Bay Wedding-005
Paramount Bay Wedding-006
Paramount Bay Wedding-007
Paramount Bay Wedding-008
Paramount Bay Wedding-009
Paramount Bay Wedding-010
Paramount Bay Wedding-011
1Paramount Bay Wedding-012
Paramount Bay Wedding-013
1Paramount Bay Wedding-014
Paramount Bay Wedding-015
Paramount Bay Wedding-016
Paramount Bay Wedding-017
Paramount Bay Wedding-018
Paramount Bay Wedding-019
Paramount Bay Wedding-020
Paramount Bay Wedding-021
1Paramount Bay Wedding-022
Paramount Bay Wedding-023
Paramount Bay Wedding-024
Paramount Bay Wedding-025
Paramount Bay Wedding-026
Paramount Bay Wedding-027
Paramount Bay Wedding-028
Paramount Bay Wedding-029
Paramount Bay Wedding-030
Paramount Bay Wedding-031
Paramount Bay Wedding-032
1Paramount Bay Wedding-033
Paramount Bay Wedding-034
Paramount Bay Wedding-035
Paramount Bay Wedding-036