Vanessa + Jordan

Southwest Ranches Portrait

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This next session was lots of fun! We were expecting to get some type of horse background, but not actually to be able to come THIS CLOSE to them. It was a blast shooting Vanessa and Jordan and seeing a little country come out of these two. These guys did a completely different after wedding session. Instead of getting in their wedding attire, they dressed casual, and totally rocked it! Thank you guys for putting up with us and making you do all kinds of things and for tolerating the not so pleasant smells around horses. Enjoy some of our favorites!


Southwest Ranches Portrait-001
Southwest Ranches Portrait-002
Southwest Ranches Portrait-003
Southwest Ranches Portrait-004
Southwest Ranches Portrait-005
Southwest Ranches Portrait-006
Southwest Ranches Portrait-007
Southwest Ranches Portrait-008
Southwest Ranches Portrait-009
Southwest Ranches Portrait-010
Southwest Ranches Portrait-011
Southwest Ranches Portrait-012
Southwest Ranches Portrait-013
Southwest Ranches Portrait-014
Southwest Ranches Portrait-015
Southwest Ranches Portrait-016
Southwest Ranches Portrait-017
Southwest Ranches Portrait-018
Southwest Ranches Portrait-019
Southwest Ranches Portrait-020
Southwest Ranches Portrait-021
Southwest Ranches Portrait-022
Southwest Ranches Portrait-023


Newborn Session

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Cinndy + Eric

Miami Wedding

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Do you remember the Fantastic Mr Fox e-session that we did earlier this summer? Well these guys tied the knot! This fantastic wedding was very intimate. Cinndy and Eric celebrated their special day with only their closest family and friends. After their beautiful ceremony, we enjoyed shooting their dinner reception at Texas De Brazil in Miami Beach. Enjoy some of our faves:

Miami Wedding-001
2Miami Wedding-002
1Miami Wedding-003
2Miami Wedding-004
1Miami Wedding-005
1Miami Wedding-006
1Miami Wedding-007
1Miami Wedding-008
1Miami Wedding-009
1Miami Wedding-010
1Miami Wedding-011
Miami Wedding-012
Miami Wedding-013
1Miami Wedding-014
5Miami Wedding-015
1Miami Wedding-016
1Miami Wedding-017
Miami Wedding-018
Miami Wedding-019
Miami Wedding-020
Miami Wedding-021
Miami Wedding-022
Miami Wedding-023
Miami Wedding-024
Miami Wedding-025
Miami Wedding-026
Miami Wedding-027

Kenia + Michael

FIU Graduation Session

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Caps off hats off! Graduation day: it always seems impossible until it’s done. Wait, graduation? Yes! This is our first time ever shooting a hubby and wife graduating from FIU. You might remember the newly weds, Kenia and Michael, from their wedding session earlier this year that we had the pleasure of shooting. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of their second most important day of their lives ever! Well, after so much work and sleepless nights, these guys did it! Congrats on your big day and new beginnings, it’s only the start to your awesome careers. Enjoy some of our favorite shots from this day:

FIU Graduation-001
FIU Graduation-002
2FIU Graduation-003
FIU Graduation-004
FIU Graduation-005
FIU Graduation-006
FIU Graduation-007
FIU Graduation-008
FIU Graduation-009
FIU Graduation-010
FIU Graduation-011
FIU Graduation-012
FIU Graduation-013
FIU Graduation-014
FIU Graduation-015
FIU Graduation-016
FIU Graduation-017
FIU Graduation-018
1FIU Graduation-019
FIU Graduation-020

Jeanine + Joe

Postcard Inn Islamorada Wedding

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Guess where we were off to this next wedding? HINT: you always carry them with you (especially to open doors). Did you guess Keys? Yep! That’s exactly where we shot this gorgeous wedding, at the Postcard Inn in Islamorada. You might remember Jeanine and Joe from their vintage airplane engagement session earlier this year. Well their wedding had the same amazing theme! So much detail and careful organization was put into every single piece and moment. We truly enjoyed these Monday night party animals. See for yourselves this gorgeous wedding. Congrats guys on your big day! Did anyone say airplanes? Enjoy some of our favorite moments:

Key Largo Wedding-001
Key Largo Wedding-002
Key Largo Wedding-003
Key Largo Wedding-004
Key Largo Wedding-005
Key Largo Wedding-006
Key Largo Wedding-007
Key Largo Wedding-008
Key Largo Wedding-009
Key Largo Wedding-010
Key Largo Wedding-011
Key Largo Wedding-012
Key Largo Wedding-013
2Key Largo Wedding-014
Key Largo Wedding-015
Key Largo Wedding-016
Key Largo Wedding-017
Key Largo Wedding-018
Key Largo Wedding-019
Key Largo Wedding-020
Key Largo Wedding-021
Key Largo Wedding-022
Key Largo Wedding-023
Key Largo Wedding-024
Key Largo Wedding-025
Key Largo Wedding-026
1Key Largo Wedding-027
Key Largo Wedding-028
Key Largo Wedding-029
Key Largo Wedding-030
Key Largo Wedding-031
Key Largo Wedding-032
Key Largo Wedding-033
Key Largo Wedding-034
Key Largo Wedding-035
Key Largo Wedding-036
Key Largo Wedding-037
Key Largo Wedding-038
Key Largo Wedding-039
Key Largo Wedding-040
Key Largo Wedding-041
Key Largo Wedding-042
Key Largo Wedding-043
Key Largo Wedding-044
Key Largo Wedding-045
Key Largo Wedding-046
Key Largo Wedding-047
Key Largo Wedding-048
Key Largo Wedding-049
Key Largo Wedding-050
1Key Largo Wedding-051
Key Largo Wedding-052
Key Largo Wedding-053
Key Largo Wedding-054
Key Largo Wedding-055
Key Largo Wedding-056
Key Largo Wedding-057
Key Largo Wedding-058