Sarah + Shawn

Casa Marina Key West Wedding

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Jessica + Angus

Bill Baggs State Park Engagement

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This cute couple, Jessica and Angus, will be tying the knot in less than one month from today! We just cannot wait. Jessica chose to bring a little bit of fall to Florida with the warm colors she wore and the pretty little boots. These two were up to anything, even getting wet in the water! We ran into a few raccoons at the Bill Baggs State Park, but we made it out alive ;) Enjoy some of our faves from this rockin e-session!

Bill baggs engagement session-001
Bill baggs engagement session-002
Bill baggs engagement session-003
Bill baggs engagement session-004
Bill baggs engagement session-005
Bill baggs engagement session-006
Bill baggs engagement session-007
Bill baggs engagement session-008
Bill baggs engagement session-009
Bill baggs engagement session-010
Bill baggs engagement session-011
Bill baggs engagement session-012
Bill baggs engagement session-013
Bill baggs engagement session-014
Bill baggs engagement session-015
Bill baggs engagement session-016
Bill baggs engagement session-017
Bill baggs engagement session-018
Bill baggs engagement session-019
Bill baggs engagement session-020
Bill baggs engagement session-021

Veronica + Lazaro

Jungle Island Wedding

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We love unique weddings and shooting in new locations. I mean, it’s not every day you get to shoot with Miami’s best of the tropical and a jungle at the same time. You might be wondering, well, where DID you shoot their wedding at? At the amazing Jungle Island! I’m sure you remember Veronica and Lazaro from their very unique Wynwood engagement session, especially the bouncy car. Their wedding was no different: full of style, originality and life. We truly had a great time and were thrilled to be a part of your big day. Enjoy some of the best from that day. Congrats again guys on your marriage!

Jungle Island Wedding-001
Jungle Island Wedding-002
Jungle Island Wedding-003
Jungle Island Wedding-004
Jungle Island Wedding-005
Jungle Island Wedding-006
Jungle Island Wedding-007
Jungle Island Wedding-008
Jungle Island Wedding-009
Jungle Island Wedding-010
1Jungle Island Wedding-011
Jungle Island Wedding-012
Jungle Island Wedding-013
Jungle Island Wedding-014
Jungle Island Wedding-015
Jungle Island Wedding-016
Jungle Island Wedding-017
Jungle Island Wedding-018
Jungle Island Wedding-019
Jungle Island Wedding-020
Jungle Island Wedding-021
Jungle Island Wedding-022
Jungle Island Wedding-023
2Jungle Island Wedding-024
Jungle Island Wedding-025
Jungle Island Wedding-026
Jungle Island Wedding-027
Jungle Island Wedding-028
Jungle Island Wedding-029
Jungle Island Wedding-030
Jungle Island Wedding-031

Stephanie + Salehin

Coral Gables Engagement

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This was our first time meeting this adorable couple, Stephanie and Salehin. Stephanie was referred to us by her cousin, which happens to be one of our awesome clients that recently got married. We love keeping it all in the family;)This lovely couple will be tying the knot next May and we truly can’t wait til then. Stephanie and Salehin chose Coral Gables for their engagement session since they also wanted to bring their little 4-legged-daughter, Sophia, along. We had an amazing time shooting them and just love their chemistry. Enjoy some of our favorites from this e-sesh:

Coral Gables Engagement -001
Coral Gables Engagement -002
Coral Gables Engagement -003
Coral Gables Engagement -004
Coral Gables Engagement -005
Coral Gables Engagement -006
Coral Gables Engagement -007
Coral Gables Engagement -008
Coral Gables Engagement -009
Coral Gables Engagement -010
Coral Gables Engagement -011
Coral Gables Engagement -012
Coral Gables Engagement -013
Coral Gables Engagement -014
Coral Gables Engagement -015
Coral Gables Engagement -016
Coral Gables Engagement -017
Coral Gables Engagement -018
Coral Gables Engagement -019
Coral Gables Engagement -020
Coral Gables Engagement -021
Coral Gables Engagement -022
Coral Gables Engagement -023
Coral Gables Engagement -024
Coral Gables Engagement -025

Justina + Nathan

Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding

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On this beautiful day,  Justina and Nate chose the Hollywood Beach Marriott to get ready for their big day. Once the bride was dolled up and the groom ready to get swept off his feet, they did a quick stop at the Young Circle Park. Why so? This lovely couple did their first look with all their friends there to support them. Nate was definitely swept away by Justina’s beauty! After the first look they jumped to their wedding ceremony and then to their beautiful wedding reception at the Eden Regal Ballroom. We had such an amazing time with all the energy that Justina and Nate’s family and friends had, it was truly a memorable wedding. Great food, great party and even greater desserts! Check out some of our faves from this amazing day:

1Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-001
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-002
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-003
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-004
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-005
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-006
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-007
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-008
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-009
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-010
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-011
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-012
1Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-013
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-014
1Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-015
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-016
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-017
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-018
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-019
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-020
1Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-021
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-022
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-023
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-024
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-025
1Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-026
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-027
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-028
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-029
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-030
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-031
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-032
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-033
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-034
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-035
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-036
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-037
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-038
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-039
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-040
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-041
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-042
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-043
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-044
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-045
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-046
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-047
Eden Regal Ballroom Wedding-048