Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

In the present age, photography appears to have become mere child’s play, owing to how almost everybody is walking around like a living, breathing photographer. However, if you think about it, photography, as a discipline, still requires long hours to be put in before it can be mastered. Don’t understand what that means? Well, take a look at the differences between a casual photo and portrait and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here.

What Does Portrait Photography Stand For?

It’s apparent that photography typically refers to the capturing of a photo of someone, right? Well, there are times when photography stands for something much deeper and profound. Many a times you’ll encounter people who wish for their souls and attitudes to be captured inside a photograph. Owing to the intangibility of the request, the assumption that such a feat is impossible is tempting. However, that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

Portrait photography refers to something far more profound than the mere capturing of somebody’s photo. Portrait photography is the artistic representation of a person’s attitude. To make a portrait of a person, therefore, refers to the capturing of that person’s essence. If a portrait photographer fails to do that, they don’t qualify to be portrait photographers at all.

Why Portrait Photographers Are Specialized?

Why are portrait photographers specialized you ask? Well, ask yourself this question: how many photographers are trusted by individuals to capture their hearts, souls and essence in photos? Not many, right? This is exactly where the answer to your question resides.

Portrait photographers are tasked with the job of not only taking a photographing a person but capturing who they are in the photo as well. It’s one thing to photograph what we see and it’s completely another ballgame to capture the intangible part of a person’s being inside a photograph.

Portrait Photography Is a Tough Job

If you think portrait photography is as simple as sliding a camera out of your pocket and taking a selfie then you certainly are in for a surprise. It is so because top notch portrait photographers go to great lengths for the careful planning, rehearsal and implementation of their photographs. They, along with their clients, try to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect. Only then are they able to bestow the best possible portraits upon their clients.

On top of that, there are numerous techniques that quality portrait photographers make use of to satisfy their clients: environmental, constructionist, candid and creative. It’s the photographers’ job to choose the best possible technique for any given scenario.

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