We create beautiful stories captured through the lens.

Acromatico is a greek word that stands for “colorless”. We capture images that bring the complete opposite, to create eye-popping photos in a candid style. As Award-Winning Miami Photographers, we’ve been privileged to have photographed thousands of wonderful people from around the world by living their beautiful story through the lens.

World Class Award Winning Miami Photographers

Your images are everything to us. We are passionate about what we do and we are here to create the most out of your photos. Our focus is capturing the raw beauty of the scene, and turn it into a story. If you are seeking Miami Photographers to take on your next commercial, wedding or portrait photos, look no further.

Meet Our Team

People are the driving force to our culture. We know you’re seeking for beautiful imagery to be captured for your event or project. Providing you with an unparalleled experience means you’ll thoroughly enjoy the process while we photograph and connect with you on a level that allows creativity to flow. With minimal guidance, we become the “sniper ninjas” behind the lens, allowing every moment to flow while we photograph the beauty behind the subject, resulting in a natural look and amazing experience for you.

Italo Campilii
Founder & CEO
Founder & VP of Design
Studio Director & Fashion Artist
Video Producer
Regional Director
Director of Operations

Latest Work

As Miami Photographers, we are always looking for creative ways to show the beauty of our city. Experience the latest work and what goes behind the scenes by visiting our Blog, where you’ll find all kinds of shoots ranging between wedding photography, portraits, commercial work such as real estate and advertising photography, and social media content creation.