What a fun engagement session at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum with this ready-for-modeling soon-to-be-married couple: Patricia and Alex. They have one of the most unique love-stories we’ve ever heard: the scar that scored his wife! Yes, the moment Alex went up to talk to her, she played a little hard to get, even though  she was struck by him the moment she saw him and his endearing scar. Ever since then, these two lovebirds have been together. You can say they are both heroes: he’s a firefighter, she works with children…clearly she has the far more dangerous job 😉

They are super-fun peeps who love partying with their friends, they’re looking forward to having a totally chill time at their wedding, stay tuned tuned for the big day! In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorites.

Photography by: Alessandro (our awesome associate photographer)




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