With this next session, we say goodbye or better yet, “arrivederci” to our dear Milano. Yes, sad to say, all good things do come to an end..but this one is a “to be continued”. You guys know how much we love to travel and Italy is always in our hearts so we will for sure be back soon! Enough about us and let’s talk more about this cutie-pie|model|youtuber|Ukranian|guy right here: Oleg. This young model came to us for a quick session right in Milan. He wanted some street style-graffiti wall action so we gave it to him! What do you ladies think? Not only was he such a pleasure to work with, he was also extremely adorable and very easy going. Absolutely enjoyed working with you Oleg, we wish you the very best in your modeling career. Thank you for trusting us to do this for you! Enjoy some of our favorites:



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