Jayson has been our favorite and highest recommended chiropractor ever! Because we’re always carrying tons of equipment and have a bunch of equipment hanging around our shoulders on every wedding, going to a chiropractor and staying healthy has been a fundamental part of our weekly routine.  When we first started treating our backs with Jayson, we immediately felt a huge difference in our bodies – our back pain gradually decreased over time.  We came in with crooked back spines and lets just say after the second x-ray checkup, we found that our backs were back to normal and couldn’t believe the major changes that went through our bodies in just 3 months!  We are so happy to see Jayson continue growing and it’s been by no accident – his success truly shows in the amazing chiropractor he is.  Congratulations on remodeling and opening the new office! Here is a sneak peek of his awesome new chiropractor office in downtown Brickell.




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