A Wedding is a celebration where two families are brought together to form a brand new one. Sometimes, as in our case, two entirely different cultures are brought together.

Growing up in Italy, I learned to love art from my art teacher grandmother – she taught me how to draw, how to see colors and shades. My grandfather gave me my love for technology. My dad taught me how to build things and figure how stuff worked. My mother taught me English, how to cook… and if you ask her she’s not yet done with me.

Lisette got her incredible cooking skills from her grandmother. Another grandmother, an unlikely entrepreneur in Cuba, gave her her determination to get things done. Her father made her strong, her mother empathetic.

We both feel our family connections very strongly, and by family we don’t just mean those who are related to us, but also the close friends that in both of our cultures are indeed considered “family.”

We have four little ones of our own and we strive to pass those generations’ worth of gifts to them.

While we will photograph the details you’ve carefully chosen, and create amazing portraiture for your walls, at it’s core, our photography celebrates two people, two families and their relationships, above all else.