We are a South Florida husband and wife wedding photography team and we are thrilled to have you here! We feel truly blessed to call our once “photography hobby” now our “job”. Specially because we get to witness that most important day of your life, where everything started. We simply love knowing that we are there for you to capture all the emotions. Both of us are very passionate photographers and very different from each other which is great because we get to complement one another perfectly. Ale is the most creative, detailed oriented and probably friendliest person you’ll ever meet, while Italo is definitely the “brains” on the operation. He is the geek side of the family and the ‘hands on’ kind of guy. We both combined our experience and talent that naturally led us to create this brand, Acromatico Photography. Why “Acromatico” and what does “Acromatico mean?” – people are always asking! So if you are wondering the same thing, we can explain! Acromatico is a greek word that means “colorless”. We thought it was a cool name for us since we are totally the opposite, our lives and photography are full of color! Our biggest joy is creating love stories from the other side of the lens with a photojournalistic approach – “two different angles, one unique look”.