Love has no time, place or deadline.  Love connects with the story behind the lens, and this Fort Lauderdale Courthouse Wedding shows nothing less than a love story of two musicians who connected in this special occasion to celebrate one of life’s biggest gifts: marriage!

We started the day by taking images inside the Fort Lauderdale Courthouse located in Broward County of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The staff was super friendly, and very quick to greet and receive Bertha & Fredly.  The ceremony was so much fun because as intimate as it was, they had their closest friends and family to celebrate this truly special day.

We headed out afterwards to take some romantic spontaneous images of them, had some friendly photobombs along the way, but overall it was so much fun we already miss you guys! Can’t wait to continue working together in your future family sessions and music events!

The Fort Lauderdale Courthouse Wedding with couple jumping in the air, so much fun!



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