After a looong wedding season, vacations were very much needed. If you are planing your honeymoon and have no idea were to go, well let us give you a hand…ARUBA!! From the crystal clear turquoise waters to the white sandy beaches, this unbelievable 20-mile long island is a place you’ll never forget. Being that we wanted pure relaxation, we selected an adult only hotel – the Marriott Renaissance Marina. What really caught our attention is the private island the hotel has to offer. With a 10 minute boat ride, we were sent off to paradise. But we had to explore the entire island, so we rented a Jeep (Ale’s dream) and drove around the entire island in a day. What a blast! The island people were so nice to guide us through directions, and you’ll be pleased to know they speak just about any language you speak – 7 to be exact. Our most favorite spot in the island was Baby Beach – where ultra-clear warm waters mesmerized our eyes. This is where inspiration kicked in, and we were able to capture what is the biggest panoramic print we’ve ever done – almost 10 feet long!

So here’s the great news we’ve been talking about for the past few weeks. Ready? Since Aruba and starting today, we will take one shot of each place that we travel to that is worth to give you that “gasp” feeling and will add it to our newest line of products – panoramic prints. Starting today, you can order our favorite picture or almost any travel picture in a panoramic canvas, sizes ranging from 3 to 10 feet wide (and counting!). More information coming soon. Enjoy the post!

The view from our hotel



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