It’s hard to believe that 2012 is almost over, it’s been an amazing year! We’ve met so many awesome people in this last year and have gone through so many new awesome experiences. We can’t wait to start off next year and surprise you with so many things. Before we close off the year, we want to thank all of our new (and older) clients, we couldn’t have done this without you! The weddings, the engagement sessions, the mansion weddings, Italy sessions, all our brand new moms with their maternity sessions, even our brave underwater session volunteers! We can’t thank you enough for choosing us, it’s very hard to let go of this year, but we are extremely happy to start off a brand new year with new goodies yet to come. We’ve had many ups (we got to travel all the way across Europe!), and yes, we’ve had our downs as well: dropping lenses and breaking them, getting water in our iphone during a beach session, and we’ve had many embarrassing moments (we prefer not to disclose lol!)…but hey, we’re human, and that’s all part of the fun! We have an amazing team and each and every session we’ve done has been a blast! We also have a new member on our team: Alessandro. We are so happy you are on board, you’re the best Ale! And how we could forget Tica, the best assistant anybody could have!  To everyone who made this incredible 2012 possible, we can only say.. Thank you! Relive some of our best moments through these pictures, we love you all. Enjoy!




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